Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bloggable Pizza and Fries

As promised, this week's post contains some of the meals I made with the $4/day healthy grocery shopping I did last week. Here's a refresher pic for those of you who can't be bothered to scroll down (I value your time, dear readers, and am already grateful that you choose to spend some of it here):


The veggie noodles tend to have relatively short refrigerator shelf lives so I typically use those soon after buying them. The first meal I made used squash noodles, chicken strips, tomatoes, spinach, and mozzarella. 

There are 15 calories per serving in the squash noodles and 0 carbs. I'm not going to blow smoke and say they're identical in texture and taste to regular noodles, but if you sauté them in some olive oil for like 5 minutes on medium heat, they're at least comparable. And they're a great base for a meal because they go well with a lot and are filling enough to keep you from adding unnecessary carbs and calories in the form of a side baguette or something. 

My top recommendation with the above meal is to use way more spinach than you think you need and way less olive oil. The spinach shrivels up and the olive oil seemingly begets itself and will be gross if, like me, you finish your meal to find the last few pieces of tomato swimming in it. 

Next up is a side I made to eat with a lot of dinners throughout the week. In general, it's definitely harder to cook for one, but I've been combatting that by making large amounts and living on leftovers. I've really gotten into squash and zucchini this summer, to the point where I'm not just eating them because they're healthy but because I actually like them (a sentence that makes me glad my brother doesn't read this blog, as he'd probably cut all ties between us). 

It's super easy to cut up the squash and zuch and toss them in a pan with some salt, pepper, and any other spices you like. My roommates didn't communicate on who would be bringing spices, so we have about 40 different containers in our cabinet. But, you know what they say, variety of spice is the spice of life (I will not apologize).

Next up is a braggy picture of an incredibly healthy meal I ate at a friend's.

These aren't even my ingredients and I didn't do the cooking, but it was just so impressive I felt like I had to include it. This is kale, lettuce, broccoli, sweet potatoes, squash, black beans, red peppers, and quinoa. Tip from this meal: find some healthy eating friends and get them to make you dinner. 

And finally, the promise of the title and my dinner last night: pizza and fries. 

Well. Zucchini pizza and sweet potato home fries, but still. 

It was really good and I didn't feel all gross after eating it, so what you might give up in pizza crust and salty crunch you more than make up for with good health and a clear conscience. 

Let us know if you try any of these, especially if you improve upon them or have variations to offer.
Until next time.