Sunday, August 6, 2017

More Grocery Tips (Still With Wisdom Teeth)

I come to you this week with another post-grocery pic, some more ingredient tips, and some very exciting Harris Teeter news.

First off, my final grocery cart for the summer:

It's my final one because soon I will be returning home and able to reap the benefits of living full-time  with a bariatrician. And this time, I made sure none of my roommates were home before laying out all the food. I figure I'm already on thin ice after turning our living room into a fort when I was left home alone the other day.

I think I made up for it (maybe) by sharing the Very Exciting Harris Teeter News with them, which I am also going to let you in on, dear readers.

That's right: buy one get one free Stacy's pita chips, shredded mozzarella, and Chicago rolls. And super cheap avocados. As you can see, I also got some physical activity in during my 2 hours in the supermarket as I steered myself up and down the aisles on the back of my shopping cart.

One of the best tips I came up with during my long grocery store trip was to buy unpackaged vegetables. It was like $4 cheaper for me to pick my own kale and bag it than to buy the prepackaged, pre-cut kind and I was able to buy just the amount I needed rather than the absurd and pre-destined to expire enormous size I usually get. I cut all the stalks off when I got home and had a more manageable amount for a third of the price of what I was buying before.

My next tip is something my mom's been telling me forever, to make colorful meals. And not Cheetos orange, more like sweet potatoes and red peppers. Bonus points if you can make it look like your red peppers are throwing up.

Here's what I made on night one of my grocery shopping:

Kale, brown rice, chicken, sweet potatoes, black beans, pita chips, and red onions. In place of dressing I used lime juice and tabasco sauce, which had plenty of flavor and nearly negligible calories.

I only have a few days left of solid meals so I'm trying to make them delicious and healthy. Next week I'm having my wisdom teeth out, so stay tuned for what to eat when you can't chew. Until then, I'll be snacking on my Stacy's and biting into kale stalks.