Monday, October 9, 2017

A Belated Unveiling

First of all, hello and welcome back and apologies for the hiatus but, alas, schoolwork comes first (hi mom). I of course have missed you, dear readers, as I hope you have me. Today's blog post comes to you from my pantry, which comes to me from the TWB pantry. But first, an introductory anecdote:

One of the most important life skills I've learned since coming to college is that not every meal I make needs to contain cheese or some kind of creamy sauce -- which is a good lesson to learn now because typically cheese and heavy cream-based sauces lower the nutritional content of a meal significantly. What I've been doing a lot lately is using a broth or chicken stock or lots of vegetables and spices to give flavor to whatever it is I'm making for dinner. Or sometimes I throw it back to the Lunchable days of elementary school with crackers, tomatoes, avocados, and mozzarella -- 

I'm kidding about the Lunchable days -- just trying to be relatable. Dr. G/mom was not a huge fan of the "combination of fatty meat, cheese and refined white flour, plus synthetic drinks and snacks" that they promoted. But, clearly, the hand-snack thing can be done healthily with fresh ingredients, moderation, and a nice side of out-of-focus squash. 

Warning and advice being given, it's time to dig in to TWB's newest addition to meal replacement options. I would never advocate for a total avoidance of cheese or creamy foods (because they are, irrevocably, my first culinary love), but finally, HMR doesn't either. HMR enthusiasts and healthy eaters alike, I present to you my pantry:

And, atop a stack of what used to be my favorite HMR entree (still all about the OG CPP, of course), is ........ 

an entree with "a creamy alfredo sauce"! Listen, I'm no culinary scientist, I don't know how they did it, but it's finally here: the 220 calorie chicken alfredo. As you can see in the first picture, I only have one left compared to the 5 chicken pasta parm and solitary savory chicken, and that's not because I only got one to try. It's because I've eaten them all. Granted, I haven't grocery shopped in a bit and a one minute prep time is enticing, but I actually just really like them also.

I realize I sound like I'm trying to sell this (and, if I'm a TWB employee I suppose I technically am), but I wouldn't be writing about it if I didn't like it. In fact, in the spirit of full disclosure and total transparency, here's the result of that last savory chicken I had:

If you can't tell from the photo, my savory chicken was a little lacking in the savory chicken department. This is not a formal complaint and luckily I had some of my own chicken to add; this is just to say: the chicken alfredo is good, no hidden agenda (besides wanting all my readers to be happy and healthy!!!!).

It's also a much healthier option to other alfredo-sauced noodles because of however they lowered the calorie count and because of the necessary portion control it involves. I noticed the other day that one of my dining areas at school also recently added something:

And as wildly enticing as this "pasta" looks (it doesn't), I decided to go home and empty my pantry of my last HMR version. And this is where I reveal the true ulterior motive of the post: @mom, I need more Rotini Chicken Alfredo.